Friday, January 15, 2010

K1 Senior Seminar students, blogging assignment #1 (Feb 17th)

Students enrolled in my K1 section of Senior Seminar (which meets Wednesdays at 11:00am) should post here a status update re: where they're at with their proposal. Proposals are due next week, so at this point you (the student) should have a solid idea of what-all your study will entail.

Post an update - correct spelling and grammar, please - in the "comments" section. I look forward to reading your updates.

If someone raises an issue that I think is applicable to everyone, I'll post a reply for all to read.

Good luck!


  1. I have started narrowing down which journal articles I want to use for my research proposal. I have made corrections to my research proposal/final paper.

    I have decided to add a Theoretical Review section to my proposal/final paper this time. I have found a theory that goes very well with my research question and think it will help explain my research better and more in detail.

    The problem I'm having with the Theoretical Review section is that I cannot find any peer-reviewed articles on the theory I want to use or any I like. The Union campus library does have books on the theory, but it is so far away in a short time frame and the OCC library does not carry books on the theory. Our book for class does not talk about the theory either, but I will continue my search.

    Another problem I have run into is my research design and the methodology I have selected to use (download an existing dataset from The original dataset I had picked for my research design, with the help of Dr. Hassett-Walker we had found out that they did not supply the actual data. This would make it impossible or very difficult for me to do my final paper when it came time to enter the data into SPSS like we did for our SPSS assignment. So I have to redo/modify my entire research design section, but I'm glad I found out early enough to correct the problem.

    With the help of Dr. Hassett-Walker we found another existing dataset that pertains to my research question and that does provide the actual data so that I will be able to input it into SPSS when it comes time for our final papers.

    In the end, I'm getting everything together. I'm deciding what to use and what to exclude. I'm trying to put the best possible research proposal together I can, while in between dealing with all this snow.

    Jason Morozowski

  2. I have updated, and added more information and scholarly sources to my literature review, and revised the Research Design portion adding the method that I will be using which is Content Analysis.

    I found newspaper articles to be the most sufficent method, for my research question. I've also managed to gather 2-5 newspaper articles daily to everntually get my sample of 100 articles. My only concern with newpaper articles is, I hope to find articles that will tap into my research question directly.

    The most tedious part of the content analysis is coding the articles as it pertains to my research question: Most importantly finding the dependent and independent variable for each article.

    One thing that I found to be helpful in gathering all my information and putting it together is using the In class content analysis practice as a template for the Appendix portion of my research proposal, it will be less work later on when I will have to enter my information into SPSS.

    It's not as stressful as I thought.
    Good Luck everyone!
    Timisha Ceaser

  3. After alot of thought, I have finally come up with a research question that will enable me to complete the research proposal. The one I had from last semester was not strong enough and I had to fish for some new ideas.

    I am currently working on my research proposal, adjusting my sources and preparing to begin my content analysis of the 100 newspaper articles. I have decided to use the NY Times and the Washington Post for my data collection. I chose this type of data collection because I think my research question works best with existing data rather than new data, especially from college students. I do not relate it to their life experiences.

    Since my research question has changed, I have to redo the entire proposal to accomodate the new question.

    As stressful as this course is, Professor Walker "walks" you through step by step with alot of hand holding. It is much appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Jessica S Gilham Cirz

  4. As my topic involves labeling theory and the effects it has on juvenile offenders. I have found that I should take a different route that leads more towards labeling theory than simply how children's surroudings can effect their behavior. I am looking into new studies that lean more toward bevaior theories and labeling theory.

    It seems as though I have one week to completely rearrange my proposal as my original has deemed difficult.

    Thankful that Hassett-Walker has lead me in this direction I wish you all luck, she has made this easier than others, but it is still difficult.

    Your struggling classmate,
    Dani B.

  5. Hello all,

    My research question pertains to illegal immigrants and their effect on crime within the U.S. The problem that this question poses is that since these illegals are undocumented, it is hard to find good reliable data (regarding both articles and statistics).

    As a result, I have chosen to survey Kean at Ocean students to inquire what their educated perception of my topic is, rather than actual fact. Needless to say, I will also correct the errors from the previous edition of my proposal before resubmitting it.

    Concurrent with the beliefs of the others who have posted, I believe that Dr. Hassett-Walker has made this class (which seems like it could a very painful one) very interesting, to say the least.

    Your classmate,
    -Kyle Harrison-

  6. My research topic is prenatal substance abuse and its affects on the child before and after birth. As of this writing, I have made preliminary corrections to my original CJ3675 submission as per Professor feedback, and have added the additional sources as per the current requirements.

    I plan on using an existing database to support my research question and I am in the process of organzing and selecting the data which will be used in the final analysis.

  7. My topic is dealing with casinos and crime. I am looking to see if casinos bring an excess of crime to the city they are in and the neighboring areas.

    I have found a few good studies on this topic already so I am looking into using the data sets they have used and maybe try to look at some other existing data and create my own data set.

    My proposal is coming together nicely and hopefully the rest of it goes as smoothly.

    Michael Rosetti

  8. My research topic deals with gang violence and youth in our society. It focuses on by diverting youth away from gang life, can we then reduce the number of gang related crimes and what would be the most effective way?

    The research design that I have decided to do is survery and focus groups with Kean (Union) students. I believe that this research design will yield the best results for my research question. My research will find the most effective method to divert youth away from gang activity.

    My paper is slowly coming together as I continue to gather and organize my thoughts. I have a good idea on how to fine-tune my proposal with a few questions on some things that aren't that clear to me.

    Richard Ozieblo

  9. Hey everyone, I am sticking with my topic that I had in Research Methods. My topic deals with drug and alchohol abuse relating to juvenile delinquents and juvenile delinquency. I found all my articles and am currently in the process of finishing my proposal. I just need to adjust my sources and a select few of my survey questions. I will definetly survey Kean @ Ocean students and see what I come up with. After correcting some of the errors that I made in research methods, I feel that I have more experience and knowledge going into this proposal. It should be very interesting.

    Good Luck to everybody in class!

    Anthony J. Morano

  10. For my research question I will be using the topic of incarcerated parents and the effect on their child/children. I will determine if the role of them being incarcerated affects them positively or negatively and also the likelihood of them following in their parents footsteps.

    I have found many interesting articles relating to my topic and my literature review is complete. I have decided to include a theory section. The theory that I felt related most to my topic was the social control theory. As far as my method, I have not yet decided what to use, but I was thinking of using existing data or conducting a survey/focus group. I am hoping that in my meetings with Dr. Hassett-Walker, she will advise me with my decision.

    Best of luck everyone!

    -Ryan Lawlor

  11. For my research proposal I will be using the topic of battered women and seeking the amount of knowledge college students have in regards to battered women. I will try to determine why college students believe women stay in an abusive relationship. As of now I am completing the theoretical review section along with a consent form for this particular study. I will ask a series of questions to college students therefore providing a accurate record of his/her thoughts/feelings.

    Matthew Hratko

  12. I have been working on my research proposal and gathering more articles. My topic is on Juvenile delinquents being charged as adults. I want to see if Kean students believe that Juveniles who are incarcerated with adults will have a higher chance in reoffending.

    The problem I have been having is finding existing data however I have found many articles regarding this.

    I have also thought about a theory section to my proposal and just editing the different sections making sure I have everything together.

  13. For my research proposal, I am trying to find research that clarifies whether or not the death penalty is actually an effective deterrent against violent crime.

    I have found a few more scholarly articles to add to my proposal. And I have completed most of the revisions but am having some trouble with my research design.

    Grace Hernandez

  14. I have started to narrow down my idea on how “the more education a person has and their view on death penalty relate.” The hardest problem im have is putting things into the right words.

    I think im going to survey the Kean union student. I’m much more comfortable at that campus.

    As of today things are going smoothly, and I hope with a little bit of office time I can iron out my issues.

    Nick Starace

  15. For my research proposal I will try to determine if the presence of gangs in a community increases crime. My topic is the same topic that I chose for research methods. With the increase of gang related crimes in this area, I find this topic to be very interesting and I am eager to find out the answer.

    I have began making the changes as per the comments on my initial proposal. I have chosen to use existing data because i feel that will be easiest way to collect information relating to my research question.

    Some of the sites that I have attempted to extract information from are difficult to navigate through but I am doing my best.

    ANXIETY is settling in, but I will work through it......BREATHE

    LeRoy Marshall

  16. I'm pretty much finished with my review of relevant literature. I added my 3 more peer reviewed journal articles on the correlation between alcohol and an individuals urge to commit a crime.

    Also, I finished my first draft of my survey and focus group questions. The only thing that really needs to be done is my consent form before I go out and start collecting my Data.

    I haven't really hit a road block yet in my proposal, hope everything runs smoothly for everyone else as well!

    -Gregor Thomas

  17. Was at the Criminal Justice Honor Society meeting today in Union and one of the topics was on how everyone was going to spend their weekend working on their research paper for senior seminar. Wow at least I wont be the only one staying home this weekend.

  18. For my research proposal, I have to add 3 more articles to make it 8 articles. Also need to fix errors and update. My question in my proposal that I’m trying to answer is, “Do juveniles commit crimes based on the behaviors learned through their environment.”

    I was having trouble finishing my research design, but after speaking with you I have a better understand on how to complete the research design. I feel confident that I can complete the proposal.

  19. Made corrections and began creating my spss database file