Thursday, April 12, 2012

Youtube Links about SPSS Analysis

For the first three sections of your Results section (i.e., demographics, dependent variable, independent variables and covariates):

Frequencies: (scroll ahead to ~ minute 1:25)


For the fourth section of your Results section (i.e., significance tests):

The type of tests you choose to run to test for significance will depend on the type of variables you are using, continuous or categorical. Here's a video about variable types: 

(1) Independent samples t-test:

(2) Correlation: and also 

Here also is a video on how to interpret the correlation coefficient (significance, sign, and size!):

(3) Crosstab w/chi square:

Specifying missing values in SPSS: This is particularly relevant for the students using existing data. If the data's principal investigator(s) didn't already designate values as discrete missing values, you'll need to do this.

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